About Gdańsk and Tricity…

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Where to go in Tricity?

Here are some of our propositions for a night out:

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1. Józef K. – Venue/ Restaurant/ Café: Open-minded venue inviting for great food accompanied with a nice coffee, chocolate or wine and beer. Cosy design and countless, comfortable couches make it a great spot for a chat with friends and strangers about whatever comes to mind.

Location: Gdansk, Piwna 1/2

2. Red Light – Pub/ Venue/ Café: An old place in a new location near Mariacki Church. The statement interior has been designed and hand-made by the owners to really make an impact. A pub and a club playing an interesting variety of music and providing a range of shows.

Location: Gdansk, Kaletnicza 28/31

3. Pikawa – Cafe: This cafe is well known for the best Apple Pie in the city. A lively place with something interesting always going on. In fact it is a favourite meeting place for countless Old Town regulars and more and more popular among tourists visiting Gdańsk.

Location: Gdansk, Piwna 14/15

4. Retro – Cafe: place with a soul and a warm, inviting interior, located right in the heart of Gdansk’s old town. Here, each seat has its history and our tables are made from old Singer sewing machines. We have exclusive drinks such as hot apple rum punch, hot grog tea and vintage desserts based on 1930s recipes such as pecan turtle.

Location: Gdansk, Piwna 5/6

5. Wtedy – Venue/ Club/ Pub: This is a an unusual place with a weird name meaning “Then” and an ugly logo that actually looks pretty. Based in Sopot, not far from the train station. Meeting place for local bohemians.

Location: Sopot, Tadeusza Kościuszki 16

6. Szczęśliwego Nowego Jorku – Shotbar: New venue with modern interior, offering appetizers and snacks. Serves traditional vodka munchies, like herring or sour cucumber. Fashionable and fine quality place. The prices are undoubtedly the advantage, varying from 4 zł to 8 zł.

Location: Sopot, Powstańców Warszawy 19

7. Zatoka Sztuki – Restaurant/ Venue/ Club: The biggest art and cultural project in Poland. Art and business centre located right on the beach, near the North Park. Three floors storing apartments, restaurant, concert and theatre room, an art zone and a concept-store with the best Polish designs.

Location: Sopot, Mamuszki 14

8. Desdemona – Venue/ Pub. Café: A venue spread over two levels: upstairs a pub for sitting and drinking, downstairs a parquet dance floor and live music stage. Often concerts of bands from all the world. Place with tradition hosting loads of retro gadgets from the past times.

Location: Gdynia, Abrahama 37

9. Mikroklimat – Café: We provide "microclimatic” atmosphere created by the interior, cakes (including vegan and gluten free), desserts, coffee, tea and out infusions. Everything’s natural without unnecessary artificial food additives and prepared with a big heart. If you’re not in the mood for sweets we can offer sandwiches with spreads based on hummus.

Location: Gdynia, Abrahama 26

10. Bliżej – Restaurant/ Café: Friends, good food, cocktails and music, all in one place, all bliżej (closer). Open from breakfast till late night. Diverse menu, modern design and a breathtaking view make it a desirable location no matter what age you are. A must be and a must see.
Location: Gdynia, Plac Kaszubski 1A